Ella Josephine Campbell, Hunt Medal Winner 2021

Human Cave Installation, Documentation

As Directors of the Steven Campbell Trust we take great pleasure in announcing that our prize for ‘Poetic Creativity’ demonstrated in the work of a graduating student of Fine Art has been awarded this year to Ella Josephine Campbell of FAP for her film Wood Sprite and her Human Cave Installation.

The award was made by a unanimous decision after careful scrutiny of all Fine Art practices in a year which saw work of an exceptionally high standard being considered. 

We felt Ella’s work demonstrated not only craftsmanship but the highest level of artistic integrity.

‘I was completely drawn into the film and loved her sound too’
‘I loved Ella Campbell’s film and stills, really strong work’
‘My stand out was Ella Campbell!’
‘The skill of the puppetry and movement sequences with the life size puppet was sensitive and moving’

These were just a few of our Directors comments.

We are delighted with our choice and congratulate Ella and wish her well for the future.

Carol Campbell, The Steven Campbell Trust, June 2021


Statement from Ella Josephine Campbell, June 2021:

Such a prestigious award and recognition is so motivational for me in this key transition out of Art school, trying to find my place in a challenging art world, and finding the courage to keep on sharing and disseminating my practice through vulnerable times.

Website: https://ellajosephinephoto.com

Instagram: @ellajocampbell https://www.instagram.com/ellajocampbell/

‘Wood Sprite’ on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/559028818


Pine Sprite
Shadow Forest
Wood Sprite, Short Film Still, Forest Carvings


Press Release: Hunt Medal Winner 2015

The Steven Campbell Trust are delighted to announce that the Hunt Medal winner for 2015 is Glasgow School of Art graduate, Leo Arnold.

‘Shadow’. Oil on Canvas. © Leo Arnold, 2015

Quote from Carol Campbell, Chair of The Steven Campbell Trust and widow of the artist:

‘It was one of those moments when you just ‘know’ that it’s right. Our prize is for Poetic Creativity and Leo’s paintings resonated before we even spoke with him.

We never ask for any background information before judging, preferring to let the work speak as it would in a gallery setting but, decision made, it always pleases Sandy Moffat (former Head of Fine Art, GSA) and I to have our hunches confirmed as regards committment, ideas etc.

Leo came through with flying colours as a young man of passion and integrity with strong ideas and an amazing artistic journey ahead. We at the Steven Campbell Trust wish him well and shall watch his progress with great interest.’

Quote from Leo Arnold on receiving this award:

‘As an aspiring painter I was very flattered to discover that I had won a prize that related to Steven Campbell who was, of course, an important and influential painter from Glasgow himself.

As a young artist Campbell was notoriously daring. He took risks to cement a path that made him stand out and led him to make exceptional work and so I feel very lucky to receive this award as a young artist and a painter too.

I will keep his example in mind as I try to fulfil my artistic ambitions.’