The Steven Campbell Trust was founded in in 2009. The priorities of the Trust are education and access. The work of the Trust is in the arts, culture and education. It is cross-disciplinary and reflecting Steven’s interests and inspiration in music, visual art, poetry, performance and writing.

The fundamental aim of the Trust is to seek to broaden creative thinking and creative output in individuals and communities of practice in a manner which reflects the eclectic and imaginative works of the late Steven Campbell. Steven was one of the most influential artists of his time and his work made a significant and unique contribution to Scottish Art. The work of the Trust will also cover formal and informal education, colleges and universities and community based organisations. The work will support students, creative artists, undergraduates and postgraduates and will cover education, training and research as well as the development of individual’s capabilities, skills and understanding.

Steven’s unique blend of work which drew on music, poetry, philosophy and the environment as well as observation and the visual elements enhanced the international recognition and reputation of Scottish art and culture. The work of the Trust will cover the provision of artistic events across the cultural spectrum at local, national and international level and will encourage the highest standards in the Arts.

The Aims of the Trust are:

• To promote the legacy of Steven Campbell’s work
• To sustain and enhance the reputation of his work and the contribution he made to the development of Scottish Art on the international stage
• To provide opportunities for artists and other creative individuals to benefit from the creative and imaginative power which Steven Campbell invested in his work
• To provide support and recognition to artists of all genres through a number of means

The work of the Trust will be of public benefit and will enhance the work and life of individual artists, groups of artists, diverse communities and members of the public. The work of the Trust will also benefit the Academic and Research community.