Steven Campbell article: Luncheon N°8-2

The Steven Campbell Trust are delighted to share the recent publication of: The Art and Life of Steven Campbell by his wife Carol Campbell, published in Luncheon Magazine, 2019.

We would like to take this opportunity to share the introduction with you and provide a link for purchase.

From introduction:

‘The Scottish artist Steven Campbell is best known as a painter, but his wider work was postmodern, encompassing a range of interdisciplinary media. He was a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, which he attended after several years working at the Clydebridge Steelworks. He was proud of his working-class roots and this social context informed his work, which included performance, community art projects, appropriation, writing and immersive installations as well as his much-lauded paintings. He passed away in 2007 aged 54, and efforts are now being made to recontextualise his work and reveal his legacy.

Fashion designer Beca Lipscombe and fashion historian Mairi MacKenzie recently gave the 2019 Steven Campbell Trust Annual Lecture, entitled ‘Dressing Above Your Station’. They looked at Campbell’s life and work, reflecting upon his depiction of textiles and clothing as well as his personal wardrobe, in order to recount their own aspirations growing up in Scotland, and the routes they took in an attempt to develop a vernacular aesthetic’.

In this interview Steven’s widow, Carol Campbell, sits down with Mairi and Beca for a wonderfully personal talk about her life with Steven and chooses seven of her favourite works by him.

Above: Carol and Steven on the day of the Fulbright interview, London 1982.

Purchase link:

Luncheon Issue 8-2

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