Hunt Medal Winner 2016

Press Release

Felix Carr, Winner of Steven Campbell Trust, Hunt Medal 2016

Statement from Carol Campbell:

“My fellow Directors of the Trust and I had a thoroughly enjoyable visit to the GSA City nights preview last Thursday (16th June) with a view to selecting our Hunt medal winner for this year.

As GSA guidelines require that the prizes given should have a criterion, the selection made by myself and the family was that of ‘Poetic Creativity’ as we felt this encompassed everything that Steven stood for in terms of his Art.

The standard was high and debate was fierce between the Directors but there was a coming together around the work of our choice for 2016 Felix Carr.

Felix’s images were at the forefront of several of our minds during the selection process. We loved the energy, the risk taking and the bravura. So in the end the decision making process was much easier than we had anticipated. We felt we had found a worthy winner in Felix and I am personally delighted to see him awarded the Hunt Medal for 2016.”

To see more of Felix Carr’s work, follow this link

From Series ‘What We Keep Forgetting, Oil on Canvas, ©️ Felix Carr, 2016


Carol Campbell congratulating GSA graduate Felix Carr on receiving the 2016 Steven Campbell Trust ‘Hunt Medal’ award.

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